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Hello! My name is David Feng. I’m a senior software engineer at Oracle Data Cloud/Moat. I use Python, JavaScript, and Golang for work.

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Email: david dot feng dot ge at gmail dot com


Time Institute Program
2017 App Academy Web Development
2010-2015 The University of Chicago Ph.D. in Chemistry
2006-2010 Peking University B.S. in Chemistry

Contributions to Open Source Projects

Project Archive

Here are some projects that I no longer maintain.


Bara is a Yelp-inspired single-page web app where users can CRUD businesses and reviews.

Built with React.js, Redux, Ruby on Rails, and a PostgreSQL database.

Live Repo

bara screenshot


CollisionViz is a data visualization web app for motor vehicle collisions in New York City.

Built with React.js, Redux, SASS, Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Charts, and NYPD Motor Vehicle Collisions API.

Live Repo

collisionViz screenshot


Objectify is an Active Record-inspired object-relational mapping (ORM) library in Ruby.


Objectify code