This course was from I feel most of the time the “density” of useful information from these kind of soft skill courses/videos are not very high. Not this one. It’s only half an hour, but actually contains some insights.

  • How to stop interrupting people: take notes, focus on your breath (when you feel angry)
  • Make proper eye contact
  • Restate what the other people said in your own words
  • Ask open-end questions: why is that? How did that make you feel? Help me understand. What’s your solution? (Don’t always try to be the smarter person in the room)

How to listen to a boring/annoying person

They are … You can …
passionate about something you are not interested ask how did they become interested in it
repetitive tell them you already got the information
angry if it’s your fault, apologize. Else, restate the situation, understand their needs, show them what you can do to help
just having a different worldview ask them for a reason